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Create or destroy water 5e vs Power word to kill people in dnd

Can create or destroy water 5e kill people in dnd? Is Power Word Kill 5e a better option?

You create or destroy Water in 5e:  Create Water. You build around ten gallons of fresh Water in range in an open container. Alternately, the cascades as rain in a 30-foot cube within range, extinguishing exposed flashes in the area. Destroy Water. You destroy up to ten gallons of Water in an open container in range. As an option, you destroy fog at a 30-foot cube within range. Let us compare the same effect with Power word kill 5e.

At Higher Levels: When you cast this spell using a spell slot at 2nd level or higher, you create or destroy ten extra gallons of Water, or the extent of the cube increases by 5 ft, for each slot level over 1st.

By contrast, let us examine the most destructive spell in 5e: witch bolt. I cannot provide the spell of the as copyrighted material Wizards of the Coast hasn’t made available in the SRD. That said, as a quick look at the Players Handbook shows, witch bolt is a 1st level sorcerer, warlock, and wizard evocation spell and deals 1d12 lightning damage. On average, it deals 6.5 damage.

Power Word Kill 5e

 Power word kill 5e dnd spell.

It is a 9th level spell that could kill–but only if the goal has < 101 struck points. It states

5e Power Word Kill: You complete a word of power that may compel one monster you can see within range to die instantly. If the animal you chose contains 100 Hit Points or less, it breaks.

So let’s examine the examples:

Witch bolt 5e, a 1st level attack spell, deals 1d12 turbo damage.

Power word kill 5e, a 9th level spell, kills its goal outright, provided it only contains numerous hit points.

Killing a target using a 1st level spell is a ludicrously, game-breakingly terrible idea.

5e Create or Destroy Water dehydrate

You may be thinking about creating or destroying Water in a human body to drown or dehydrate your own body. Also, I suppose you’re speaking about the 5th Edition.

“A typical spell requires you to choose one or more goals to be affected by the spell’s magic. A spell’s information tells you whether the spell targets creatures, items, or a point of origin for the area of effect.”

This quotation is from page 204 of the Player’s Handbook, in the section on targets for spells. A spell will always be explicit regarding if you will target a creature for it, and Create or Destroy Water targets only a container together with an effect. Containers aren’t creatures.

Can create or destroy water 5e be used to kill people in dnd?
Can create or destroy water 5e be used to kill people in dnd?

Read Confusion 5e

But, you ask, the human body comprises things! Therefore it is a container! No, not in your lifetime. Because if you say that the body is a container, then you’ve left the word essentially useless as a communicative instrument. A container is a receptacle for holding various items, suggesting a purposeful generation of the item to execute the task of handling multiple objects. Humans aren’t formed to contain different things.


Which Spell is good for killing people Create and destroy water 5e Power word kill 5e
Level 1 9
School Transmutation Enchantment
Casting Time 1 action One action
Range 30 ft 60 ft
Component V S M (Single drop of water if creating water or else a few grains of sand if destroying it) V
Duration Instantaneous Instantaneous
Class Druid, Cleric Warlock, Wizard, Bard, Sorcerer,

Even with all the equilibrium perspective, it’s just a matter of using that this spell doesn’t affect the lungs. Even at 9th level, the sole instant kill spell is Power Word Kill, contingent on your goal having 100 or fewer hit points. To make a 1st-level spell and instantaneous kill instrument is unfun and makes all experiences the same. Why does anything but struggle squads of clerics with C/D Water back up by abjuration wizards into counterspell, then? As a DM, that’ll make my life a total lot simpler to prepare for sessions, but god, is it dull when the fifth TPK of the last three sessions occurs.


If you mean can you destroy the Water in someone’s body to kill them, most DM’s will rule no more. Installing individuals in this fashion would probably be frowned upon. That doesn’t mean you could not kill someone with the dnd spell of Create or destroy water 5e. You got to be imaginative with it. However, it’s possible.

Create Water, and some ice spells could create slippery spots that might cause people to slip and fall. Combined with a fire spell, you could create a fog cloud. Somebody who drops or can not see ahead could fall into a trap set by the party. You can create a pool of Water and have power based personality drown the individual or waterboard them if a somewhat dark character. If a character is crossing a frozen lake, you can destroy the ice with destroy Water and cause the person to fall into a freezing lake.

Every spell in dungeons and dragons may kill if the caster is smart enough and reflects outside the box. In prior editions, this was not so explicit. In 3rd Edition, as an instance, a 16th-level magician could muster 120lb of liquid Water 65ft within a person’s head. If the goal were amazed or otherwise engrossed, I would have to rule that it figures as half a falling hurt — 1d10 per every 10ft, in those older editions (or half 6d10). That is an average of at least 15pts damage — so, probably Create or destroy water 5e dnd spell is good enough to kill somebody.


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